NEMECA Z's modern versatile fleet, based mainly at Piraeus port, provides high quality towage & salvage services with immediate 24/7 response.


Based in Piraeus the Major port of the Mediterranean Sea and through our long presence, experience in the sector, and the great network of our Shareholders, we can swiftly respond to any emergency and demanding operation and deliver high quality services 24/7 all year long with the view to safeguard human lives, the environment, and assets.


Nemeca Z operates in the ports of Piraeus, Thessalonikis and Kavala.

Harbour Towage

Open Sea Towage

Nemeca Z's versatile fleet and its very experienced and capable personnel allows NEMECA Z to provide safe open sea towage services.

24/7 response on salvage, wreck removal and environmental protection needs.



We are able to provide suitable vessels to carry out Anchor Handling, rig moves and Supply duties.