NEMECA Z provides immediate mooring services. Our fleet is ready to support and assist at anytime, anyplace, any circumstances.


With a long-standing reputation built on reliability, efficiency and quality services, Nemeca Z’s fleet of launch boats in the port of Thessaloniki ensures seamless transportation of personnel, supplies, and equipment to and from vessels docked in the port. Manned by highly experienced crews, Nemeca Z's launch boats prioritize safety above all else, guaranteeing secure and high-quality services. In addition to our commitment to safety, Nemeca Z’s professional staff coordinates launch boat services meticulously, accommodating the unique needs of each vessel and client. Whether facilitating crew changes, delivering vital ship provisions, or assisting with maritime operations, Nemeca Z's launch boat services are an indispensable asset for the maritime community in the Port of Thessaloniki, contributing to the port's reputation as a hub of efficiency and maritime excellence.