NEMECA Z News and Updates


March 25, 2024


In line with the Company's commitment to provide high quality towage, salvage, and open sea services, NEMECA Z welcomes a newbuilding tugboat in the port of Piraeus. Elevate your maritime operations with the latest addition to NEMECA Z Maritime Company's fleet -the impressive tugboat "DIAS Z"! This top-of-the-line vessel was recently acquired from the renowned MEDMARINE SHIPYARD in TURKEY, ensuring quality and reliability in operations.

We are thrilled to introduce the "DIAS Z"! tugboat, a high-spec ASD model that boasts a remarkable 75 tons bollard pull capacity, making it a powerhouse in the water. Designed by Robert Allan with an advanced propulsion system that enables unparalleled maneuverability and efficiency, and MTU engines, the 25-meter tugboat allows for seamless operations in even the most challenging conditions. Additionally, with a fire-fighting notation 1, this tugboat prioritizes safety and protection, providing peace of mind during critical operations.

Experience the efficiency and performance of the "DIAS Z"! tugboat for all your towing and assistance needs. With its advanced capabilities and cutting-edge features, this vessel is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern maritime industries. Trust in the "DIAS Z" to deliver superior performance and exceptional service in harbors and on the open seas.

Join us in welcoming the "DIAS Z"! to NEMECA Z’s fleet, as we continue to raise the bar in maritime excellence and innovation.

Med Marine, a leading provider of top-tier tugboats, is thrilled to announce the successful completion and delivery of yet another vessel to esteemed client Nemeca Z. The vessel named as "DIAS Z"! by her owner, voyaged through the Bosphorus on Friday 22nd and arrived at port of Piraeus, Athens on the 25th of March.

This state-of-the-art tugboat is designed and constructed as a multi-purpose harbour tug of 25 meters, delivering a remarkable 75 tons of bollard pull and is equipped to meet Class FIFI-I requirements. The RAmparts 2500W series of tug is intended to work off a forward winch for ship handling, towing, pushing, mooring, firefighting facilities and also equipped with an aft towing hook.

Tug "DIAS Z"!, endowed with all the necessary technical specifications needed for harbour, coastal and escort towages; shall take the fleet capacity combined with the highest crew skill base of Nemeca Z to another level ensuring a safe, continuous, all encompassing and the highest service quality to its customers.

Melis Üçüncü, Med Marine’s Business Development Director, stated: “The flawless delivery of DIAS Z, once again underlines our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with reliable and innovative maritime solutions. We are delighted to have Nemeca Z as our esteemed client. Our shipyard is constantly being improved with advanced production standards and Med Marine stands as a credible partner within the shipbuilding industry globally.”

Technical specifications of the tugboat:

Length: 25,20 m

Breadth: 12,00 m

Depth: 4,60 m

Draft: 5,75 m

Crew: 7 person

Bollard Pull: 75 tons

Speed: 11 knots

September 18, 2023


Iraklis Z Nemeca Z Maritime Company, a leading provider in maritime services in Greece, has recently announced the newest addition to its tug fleet - MT IRAKLIS Z. This latest addition represents a significant milestone in the Company's commitment to provide towage services, salvage, and open sea services.
MT IRAKLIS Z, formerly known as “Civitavecchia”, was built in the renowned Sanmar Shipyards in Tuzla, Turkey in 2015 and is one of the youngest and most advanced tugboats to operate in the Greek waters. The vessel is 32 mtrs long, has a bollard pull capacity of 85T and is fully equipped with fire-fighting class 1 equipment along with Rolls-Royce supplied Azimuth propellers.
MT IRAKLIS Z holds an oil recovery notation by major Classification Society – RINA, ensuring compliance with both Greek and International Maritime Regulations.
The acquisition of MT IRAKLIS Z forms an integral part of Nemeca Z Maritime Company's investment and strategic plan for 2023 and beyond. The Company's dedication to maintain a modern fleet of high-quality vessels underlines its commitment to better meet the requirements of its clients operating in the Greek shipping industry as well as others in the Mediterranean basin.

July 20, 2023

3-years anniversary - Welcome Dionysios Z | Stratos Z

Established in 2020 in Piraeus by four leading tug owner operators with more than 100 years of experience in the sector that can boast, together, more than 250 modern harbour tugs, “Nemeca Z Maritime Company” celebrated its 3-years anniversary with the acquisition of two tugs “DIONYSIOS Z” and “STRATOS Z”, both part of the Zouros Group fleet, as well as a two launch boats, from the same company, that are operating in the port of Thessaloniki. In addition to that the company proceeded to the acquisition of one more state of art tug from Rimorchiatori Laziali, “Iraklis Z”, which is the most powerful tug in the Greek region and has under construction one more tug “Dias Z” in Medmarine yard, Turkey, which is to be delivered in January 2024.

The vessels are part of the company’s plan to expand Nemeca’s fleet of reliable, powerful, and state-of-the-art tugs providing a range of harbour towing services in Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Kavala as well as in salvage and pollution offshore response activities.